JBA at Yellowstone

Hey y’all, my name is Josh and I’m a Nashville native, who graduated from Butler University in 2008 and returned home to work for Middle Tennesseans as a story-teller and watch dog.

I received my degree in journalism; and following stints as an intern in two online marketing settings with sports franchises, became a reporter in Dickson, Tenn. After seven years of covering anything and everything in Dickson County, I have a wealth of stories, photos and videos to share that reflect my time serving a wonderful community.

On a personal note, I’m a baseball fanatic, die-hard Butler Bulldog supporter and avid hiker/kayaker.

Pictured above: Me at Yellowstone National Park in August 2016 (courtesy Jonathan Killebrew); main photo – me on the Oregon Coast in August 2016 (courtesy Evan Miklich).