Submission deadline for photographs is Monday

By Josh Arntz
The Dickson Herald

Published April 10, 2013

The deadline to submit local photographs for a pictorial history of Dickson County is Monday.

The Dickson County Historical and Genealogical Society is collecting copies of historic photos for a “Pictorial History of Dickson County, 1803-1960.” The book will serve as a companion publication for “The Heritage of Dickson County, Tennessee 1803-2006.”

Local Historical and Genealogical Society President Donnie Farthing said the project needs photos from the northern part of the county “really bad,” i.e., Cumberland Furnace, Vanleer, Slayden, Bellsburg, etc.

Farthing welcomed any types of photos prior to 1960 – family gatherings, school and church groups, etc.

“I always tell people the one you don’t think we’ll want is the one we want,” Farthing said.

Farthing also thanked everyone who submitted photos thus far, and counted several “unique photos” already in the collection.

Farthing pointed to a 1910 picture of a baseball team from Dickson.

“Every photo tells a story,” Farthing explained.

Farthing used the baseball players’ uniforms and attitudes as an example. They wore neck ties as part of their uniform, and a couple were barefoot. He also noted the “cocky” nature evident in a few of their poses.

Farthing highlighted a photo of several black women taken in White Bluff, which showed the “hardship” they endured and their “pride” at that moment.

He pointed to a set of photos of twins from the Stone family in Charlotte. One photo from 1906 captured the twins between 18 months and 2 years old, another from 1922 when they were at the military academy in Spring Hill.

Historical and Genealogical Society members will be available to scan pictures and assist in completing documentation forms Wednesday from 10 a.m.-noon and Saturday from 9-11 a.m. in the History Room at the Dickson County Library.

Farthing also will be at the library from open to close Monday.

In addition to the local and regional response, the project has received telephone calls and pictures sent from Florida, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Hawaii from former Dickson County residents, Farthing said in a email.

Farthing noted the society hopes to have the pictorial book finished by the end of the year, published and ready for the holidays.