My Daddy’s Daycare owner offers incentives

By Josh Arntz
The Dickson Herald

Published March 23, 2012

Local business owner Tracey Prue and Creek Wood High School staff have partnered to promote safe driving among students and their adult role models.

Prue has started an incentive campaign that rewards student drivers who commit to not texting on their cell phones while driving. Since Creek Wood opened 10 years ago, 11 students have died from traffic-related incidents.

Students sign a commitment form pledging not to text while driving, and in return Prue will reward participants who hang rearview mirror placards in their vehicles that support the initiative and serve as a reminder not to text. Prizes include cash, gift and gas cards, school apparel and concession items during school functions. Prue also will make donations to the school’s safety funding.

Prue, owner and director of My Daddy’s Daycare in Dickson, began signing students up the Wednesday before Spring Break. He first implemented the campaign with his staff and clients at My Daddy’s Daycare last summer.

Prue wants students to realize they can wait to answer their text messages from friends when they’re behind the wheel; and encouraged drivers to pull over and stop their vehicle if they can’t wait to answer the text.

Prue explained the campaign will be a success if one driver stops before he checks his texts and decides not to text while driving. He hopes to implement the campaign at schools throughout the county.

Dickson County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy Paul Montgomery offered a 90-minute driver safety program Tuesday at CWHS. Montgomery also has made it his mission to address hazardous driving within the county through the DCSO motorcycle traffic safety awareness program.