By Josh Arntz
The Dickson Herald

Published Aug. 7, 2013

A Cumberland Furnace resident will face a list of criminal charges for moonshining and growing marijuana.

Special agents with the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission served a search warrant July 26 for a residence on Highway 48 North after a joint investigation with Mississippi authorities.

Investigators found a 20-gallon and a 1-gallon moonshine still; approximately 30 masons jars of moonshine; and a hydroponic marijuana grow operation, with roughly 11 plants growing, 10-12 plants drying inside the home and close to a pound of processed marijuana ready for distribution. Several firearms were seized too.

A TABC special agent noted marijuana and moonshine often go “hand-in-hand.” When you find one you usually find the other, the agent added.

The TABC worked the case with the Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control Bureau of Enforcement. Mississippi authorities learned a Mississippi man was allegedly shipping moonshine stills to Tennessee.

The Mississippi suspect allegedly possessed three 1-gallon containers of moonshine, three quart mason jars of moonshine, a 750 mL bottle of moonshine, a 20-gallon moonshine still, a 100-gallon moonshine still and some marijuana.

The TABC special agent followed a trail of emails linking the Mississippi man with a 28-year-old male in Cumberland Furnace. The emails indicated a still was shipped to the Cumberland Furnace man, and detailed “the intricate parts” of a still, along with various moonshine recipes and ingredients.

The Cumberland Furnace man will face a list of charges, including possession of a still, possession or sale of untaxed alcoholic beverages, manufacturing of alcoholic beverages, possession of marijuana for resale and manufacturing marijuana. The case will be presented to a grand jury.